In the Clouds !

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicThe past few days have been amazing. Weeks even. I don't mean to cause karma to take this as an opportunity to bite me in the ass and turn things around. But I absolutely believe that things happen for a reason. EVERYTHING happens for some unfortunate screwed up reason. Ive just learned to accept it, learn from it, and build off of it. If everything came easily, and effortless, life would not be worth living. And Ive decided, to live EVERYDAY like it were my last, of course, when I can. Not everyday is a movie when you can just pick up and go wherever your heart desired. And magically had thousands of dollars to pay for a plane ticket to Timbuktu. Wouldn't that be amazing? Someday! Someday! But for now, I will settle for fun little outings with my friends to the beach; people watching. Random dates with my incredible yet imperfect man. Taking pictures of things the average person would pass up just because "it was there yesterday, its here today, it'll be there tomorrow". Reminiscing on childhood memories, and acting upon them. Nothing wrong with getting a little dirty, climbing that tree, when you were 8, whats wrong with it now? Ive decided to try EVERYTHING once, and so far, Ive surfed in freezing water, or attempted to at least. Watched a movie in the park, again in the freezing cold. Yet so invigorating.

Im going to start vlogging soon, if you're interested, I will start posting links, once I get that started. <2

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